September 15th, 2023

In wake of Ford’s Greenbelt corruption, CMHC projects lower new housing starts

QUEEN’S PARK - The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp (CMHC) found Canada is short an eye-popping 3.5 million housing units for 2030 – and that Ontario has the biggest supply gap.

Ford has been continuously and deliberately lying to Ontarians, claiming that his Conservatives’ corrupt Greenbelt Grab is needed to build homes – when his own hand-picked task force said the opposite.

Now, CMHC is lowering projections on how many homes will be constructed in Ontario.

Ford is wasting time, focused on making rich land speculators even richer – while we all pay the price. Using the housing crisis to justify corruption is beyond cynical but Ontarians aren’t fools.

The Ontario NDP are advocating for real solutions to create homes people can afford, including:

  • Implementing real rent control
  • Building truly affordable housing (including non-profit, public, co-op and supportive housing)
  • Cracking down on greedy land speculation
  • Establishing inclusionary zoning to build homes within existing neighbourhoods, near transit and other key infrastructure
  • Getting the federal and provincial governments back in the business of building homes that people can actually afford